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At the centre of the tiny village of Awenne, where clog-makers (“sabotiers”) once thrived, is a place dedicated to gastronomy: the restaurant “Les 7 Fontaines d'Awenne”.
Whether you are a regular or just passing through our beautiful region you will always be welcome. Our team awaits you. Intuitive and refined cuisine, using seasonal produce, will satisfy your every desire.

Luc Dewalque, chef-owner and team, are well aware that they must go far beyond customary stereotypes. Listening to everyone and responding to the curiosity of some gourmets, it is in the kitchen, a place normally off-limits to diners, that they have installed a guest table enabling you to participate fully in this festival of good humour and all the senses, savouring cuisine which evolves with the seasons.

Of course such supreme refinement could not be achieved without a generous wine list.
Over the years, Luc Dewalque has become an expert in the art and offers you a product which will have been selected without bias. In addition to the reliable favourites, you will find wines from sometimes unexpected origins, but always of great quality.

Luc Dewalque and his entire team guarantee that every meal in their restaurant is an unforgettable experience of pure pleasure.

Hôtel - Restaurant Gastronomique
21, Grand Rue - B-6870 Awenne (Saint-Hubert)
Tél Restaurant : + 32 (0)84 / 366.504
Tél Hôtel : + 32 (0)84 / 366.523
Fax : + 32 (0)84 / 366.368

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